Better Dungeons Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.5.2

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The Better Dungeons mod adds additional types of dungeons, mobs, and items to Minecraft and makes the existing dungeons larger, more complex, and more challenging. It is an ideal mod for the player who is looking for a more adventurous and exploration centered Minecraft game. The mod adds many new types of dungeons to the game in various biomes.


Pyramids spawn in desert areas. They look small there is a trap door in each one leading to a much larger underground adventure.

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Swamp Caves, Ice Caves, and Deep Jungle Caves

The various caves spawn underneath the ground in the corresponding biomes and are rich in ores and chests.


Stronghold entrances spawn in taiga biomes and can be difficult to find. They are built from a premade set of rooms and are excellent sources of loot.

Pirate ships

Pirate ships spawn in oceans and can be small sloops or massive galleons. As you would expect, they are rich in loot and pirate mobs to fight.


Volcanoes spawn in mountains and can be tricky to access due to flowing lava.

Nether Cities

Nether cities are the rarest type of dungeon and the most difficult to defeat. If you can overcome their challenges, they offer rare and exceptional loot.

New Items for Dungeon Exploration

Better Dungeons also adds additional items to assist you in your explorations.

Magical Essences

Magical essences can be used to infuse arrows and grenades with magical powers. Combining one of every essence makes a magical item that can be crafted with a diamond and a wooden staff to create a magical staff, which in turn can be imbued with any of the essences.


Bags are crafted from animal hides, a chest, and string. They are used to hold items. Combining one with an arrow makes a quiver.

Revolvers and Bullets

Revolvers are found in dungeons. To shoot one you must craft bullets from cobblestone and iron.

Golden feather

Golden feathers are made from a feather and eight gold bars. They prevent damage from falling, which is incredibly useful when exploring a new dungeon.

Overall, the Better Dungeons mod for Minecraft gives the player who is bored with the sometimes repetitive standard dungeons a host of new options and and adventures. It offers opportunities or hours of exploration and dungeon crawling, as well as useful and unique new items to enhance the experience.

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