Better Bows Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

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Minecraft mods make the game more exciting to play. Once you've explored, built your home or castle, you'll want to experience different kinds of gameplay. This mod doesn't change the essence of Minecraft like other mods can. It enhances the elements already in play in the game. Bows are great for long distances.

You can stand in an out of the way spot and snipe at skeletons, creepers and endermen. This is extremely helpful for dangerous areas. Ever run across a dungeon and have no way to clear it out without jumping into the fray, dying and losing all your items? Bows make it much easier to clear out dangerous areas.

The Better Bows mod for Minecraft take these wonderfully efficient weapons and make them a blast to use. The materials you need for the bows are already available in Minecraft. You’ll want to try them all at least once.

Reinforced BowThe Reinforced Bow is created with one stick, two stones and three string. Although, it looks the same as a regular bow, it’s more durable. Regular bows can be used up pretty quickly.

Iron BowThe Iron Bow is made with three iron ingots and three string made in the standard bow configuration. It’s slightly faster and more durable than the Reinforced Bow.

Golden BowThis bow is made with gold ingots and string. It’s the least durable of the bows, but the fastest of all the bows available in this mod.

Crystal BowDiamond has been used in the creation of the best armor and weapons in Minecraft and now, the Crystal Bow is available to complete the diamond set. It’s incredibly durable. The Crystal Bow is the most durable bow in the mod.

Blazing BowThis bow is made from the base of an Iron Bow and with two blaze rods, two Netherrack and one gold ingot. With this bow, you’ll be able to set mobs on fire.

Ender BowAnother bow with an Iron Bow base, the Ender bow is made from one eye of ender, two gold ingots and two ender pearls. It will shoot one regular arrow that does no damage, but seconds later, five more arrows will pelt the mobs.

Legia BowThe Legia Bow is extremely fast. It’s made with two iron bows and one iron ingot. It shoots two arrows at a time making it the fastest of the bows.

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