BC-IC2 Crossover Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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While there are several mods available for the game of Minecraft, far fewer of those mods exist to augment other existing mods. The BC IC2 Crossover Mod exists to add several new engine types for players that have already installed the BuildCraft and/or IndustrialCraft^2 mods.What the BC IC2 Crossover Mod for Minecraft adds to the two other mods is several recipes for new engine types and components.

It should be noted that electrical engines work best when blue, but have far less of a risk of exploding unless excessively high voltage is produced

  • Small Electric Engine. This cools like a steam engine and accepts up to LV measures.
  • Medium and Large Electric Engines. These require coolant to function and accept up to MV.
  • Industrial Electric Engine. This requires a dedicated pump connected via gold waterproof pipes or heat sinks to maintain a cool temperature and accepts up to HV measures.
  • Petrochemical Generator. Runs on combustion fuel and turns off with redstone.
  • Oil Materializer This extracts oil from the IC^2 mod’s UU-matter when connected to a redstone engine with wooden waterproof piping.
  • Heat Sinks. These are useful for stopping your engines and machines from overheating. Bronze sinks can be crafted with 5 dense bronze plates, while copper sinks require copper plates.
  • Bronze/Copper Plates. These can be crafted by compressing four ingots of the relevant material.

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