Battlefield Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

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Battlefield mod for Minecraft combines the popularity of the Battlefield games in an easy to use collection. Take into your world of minecraft many aspects of this thrilling first person shooter. This is a great addition to any players’ mod collection, simply install modloader or minecraft forge then you will be ready to add the gun world of Battlefield to your creation.

DLC Features of Battlefield Mod

Battlefield Mod image

  • camo
  • knives
  • ammo
  • vehicles
  • military classes
  • armor
  • guns


There will be dye and blocks in offerings of camo to help hide or protect. The different military classes will include support personnel, medical, engineering and even that of a terrorist. Then when it come to guns, what else needs to be said. The collection will givethe player the option of the many rifles and pistols that will be sure to please. As for the armor that is included, there are helmets, clothes, and all options to provide for protection in virtually any scenario.

Battlefield inspired mod collection will supply the desire to those who are as addicted to FPS as they are to their minecraft world.

Downloads for Battlefield Mod 1.4.5

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