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Balkon’s Weapon Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

Download Page for Balkon’s Weapon Mod

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The Balkon’s weapon mod for Minecraft adds a ton of powerful new weapons to the game to help you smash those creepers into dust (Well, gunpowder anyway). With plenty of new things to stab, slash, hack, hammer, throw, shoot and pound things with you will be showing the monsters of Minecraft who the real bos is in no time.

Balkon’s weapon mod adds dozens of new weapons to Minecraft, each with their own unique combat style. It is truly a great mod for anyone that find the combat in the vanilla game lacking. The weapons come in three main types, material weapons, throwing weapons, and shooting weapons.

Material weapons include things such as spears, axes, hammers, and swords. These can be made from any material just like regular Minecraft weapons would be, and each has it’s own unique gameplay style.

Throwing weapons include everything from knives and spears, to dynamite.

The shooting weapons, however, are where this mod really stands out. With Balkon’s, you can create muskets which can be used to kill enemies at long rang in a single shot. They are much more accurate than the bows already in the game, and let’s face it, a lot more cool to use. You can also craft a blunderbuss which acts as a shotgun in the game, letting hit multiple enemies with a single shot.

Of course, if you get tired of shooting things all the time, each weapon can be equipped with a bayonet so you can get in close and dirty. Those pigs and sheep will never know what hit them when you come running at them with the new weapons included in this amazing mod.

How to download & install:

  1. Download Minecraft Forge and install it to you .minecraft jar file
  2. Download Balkon’s Weapons Mod

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Download Page for Balkon’s Weapon Mod
  • uriek

    esse mod e dificil de instalar meu minecraft quase crasho

    • lawson

      one of the weapons look like a rifle

    • lawson

      one of the weapons look like a rifle

  • benjax

    is it compatible with mine and blade?
    and creatures?

    • REPLY

      no, with mine and blade works, mo’ creatures not. it crashes

  • duane

    I am a total noob!!! I don’t know the first thing about downloading apart from point and click. I’ve been trying to download Balkons weapons mod for three days now and i still have no clue. I like what I’ve seen about this mod and I would really appreciate some help. My minecraft.jar wont even open! Anybody want to help a 50 year old dumbass?

    • Jaydroid13

      WOW good to see that even grown ups play minecraft but anyways you can install this mod via mc patcher or do it hard way wich is the one they gave you in the instruccions. About the folder thing, i cant help u but i highly recomend to install it via mc patcher. ( Its a lot easier )

    • ⓁⓄⓊⒾⓈⒺ Durkin

      How to install mods

      1. Download WinRar from the internet or 7zip
      2.Back-up your .minecraft folder (make a folder on your desktop called “Minecraft backup” or something
      3. Go to .minecraft >> bin >> minecraft.jar and click Open With… WinRar
      4. Download the mod you want
      5. Open the mod with WinRar
      6. Drag all the files from the mod’s window into minecraft.jar
      7. Run Minecraft and you should now have a mod installed

      HINT: If something doesnt work, you can always delete the files and foldes in your .minecraft and replace them with your backup. =)

  • hello

    Ok I Guess So Noob Open Minecraft with 7zip or winrar then you can drag tha files go ahead try it and install modloader!

  • IssakDaMan

    does steves carts mod work with this cuz im thinking about getting this and steves carts

  • Alex

    duane first open minecraft then go to texture packs click texture folder go back one folder to .minecraft then open bin then click minecraft.jar and press open with winrar then drag all the files inside
    Balkon’s Weapon Mod
    to minecraft.jar

  • CrossFyre

    help! ive been trying to install this, ive already got other mods intstalled but i used balkons installer, and this. the installer crashes minecraft and i cant find the “put into minecraft” folder ive seen this mod many times and its good but i cant get it to install, ditto for HaloCraft

  • CrossFyre

    btw the mods i have is Biomes o plenty, Too many items, and thats about it, tell me if one of them conflicts, though i doubt that too many items conficts…

  • Random kid

    I cant craft all of those things and I downloaded the mod

    • Immacool

      I’m gay

      • Leelander


      • http://www.facebook.com/david.emiliano.98 David Emiliano

        Are you kidding?!

  • jj

    no it doesnt

  • http://www.facebook.com/ian.mcduff.7 Ian McDuff

    how do you load the cannon

  • kristian

    no steves cart dont work on xbox i dont think they work on pc to so good luck at try and how do you download the airport mod :(

  • Chuck Norris

    good mod!
    its CHUCK NORRIS approved! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/geraldo.pmj Geraldo Pmj

    Make a flint lock pistol too, it would be awesome and a pirates like sabre! yay

  • e


  • mastertimmy763

    Could you use it for a server cuz im starting an RPG server and this mod would be perfect for it…

  • hi

    how do you download

  • cameron

    how do i get to my minecraft bin

    • brai

      windows key + r key

  • SkytheKDRS


  • weston



    do u put it in mod folder or minecraft.jar

  • Pizza Delivery

    Do you happen to know any good Dual Wielding mods?

  • dxfh

    is this 1.5.2???D
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  • CJ

    how to use cannon ??? please reply…!!!

  • brother

    does this even work on 1.7.2