BackPacks Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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Minecraft is a fantastic game that lets you do practically anything you want, but the game is constantly limited by the amount of items that you can carry around with you. Sure, you can store your most precious items within chests at your home base, but you cannot take a chest full of items with you - this is where the Backpacks mod comes into play.

The Backpacks mod adds a small number of new items to the game, but a huge amount of new functionality. This mod, as its name migth suggest, adds backpacks, which can store items very much in the same way as chests, the main difference being that you can access backpacks while on the go. In fact, you could completely fill your inventory with backpacks if you have enough leather to make them. You can even name your different backpacks to organize them, or if you’re so inclined, make them any number of different colors using dye. These colors include:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Cyan
  • Green
  • Purple
  • White

Risky Packs

Of ocurse, carrying the vast majority of your items on you at all times, especially valuables, is a huge risk, magnified by the fact that you can carry so many more of them at once. All it takes is one single slip into a pool of lava and you will have lost the vast majority of your digital belongings. Thankfully, the developers behind the Backpacks mod for Minecraft have thought of this rather unfortunate side effect, and in addition to normal backpacks in their myriad different colors, there are also “Magic Backpacks”. If you’ve ever used ender chests, magic backpacks are not all that dissimilar. Every magic backpack is linked to one single place, so even if you destroy one magic backpack, your items are still there as long as you craft another. Of course, this power comes at a price, which in this case can be quantified to a single diamond in addition to the leather that is normally needed to create a backpack.

Extending Storage Space, Extending Play

Perhaps where the backpack shines the most is as a time saver and ultimately a game-saver. Most people, when faced with running all the way back to their nearest base camp to pick up a single item that they forgot, simply log off of the server and come back the next day instead of continuing to play. Now, with the Backpacks mod, this will never again be a concern.

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