Backpack Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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Always wanted a portable chest? Well install this mod and you get a backpack, that is just like that. One of the biggest annoyances with open world games like Minecraft is the limited inventory space that your character is bound to. However, the Backpack Mod seeks to cut down on the need to have the components for a chest by giving you an expanded inventory size.The main benefit of the Backpack Mod for Minecraft is that it allows you to create a backpack that only occupies one inventory square, but can contain far more than that.

A regular backpack can store up to 27 squares of items, much like a chest can.

  • Big Backpack These are a portable equivalent of large chests. By placing tanned leather in every square but the center one, you can create a backpack that can store 54 squares of items. A backpack can be upgraded to a big backpack by surrounding them with tanned leather.
  • Colored Backpack By adding dye to the center square when crafting a backpack, you can craft a colored version. You can also recolor backpacks by combining them with appropriate dye.
  • Ender Backpack Adding an Ender chest to the center of either backpack, creates a backpack linked to an ender chest.
  • Tanned Leather Made by burning bound leather with coal. Bound leather is made by combining 2 leather with 7 string.
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