AtmosMobs Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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Some of the best things that mods can add to Minecraft are things that expand on existing content - that really take the game to the next level without comprimising the core of the vanilla game, something that AtmosMobs does very well. As its name might suggest, AtmosMobs adds a massive number of mobs to the game, and even has support for other mods that make it better still.

This compatibility means that with both mods installed, instead of being limited to spawning int he default biomes, these new mobs can be spread out among the vanilla biomes and the new biomes that ExtrabiomesXL adds.

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New Stuff that Isn’t Mobs

Oddly enough, the AtmosMobs mod for Minecraft isn’t all about the mobs. The mod has also added a number of new craftable items like Christmas trees, phoenix wings (which allow the player to fly), and a spear of fire. Even cooler yet, they’ve added seasonal mobs such as reindeer and Santa Claus that reside in the snow-related biomes, because where else would they be?

Expanding Minecraft in a Smart Way

As so many extremely advanced mods do, AtmosMobs does require that the player use the McForge API in order to make it function. In addition, one of the problems that players seem to constantly have is a good problem to have – there are just too many mobs spawning in the world, and if the biggest problem with your mod is that it’s just doing it’s job too well, you’ve got a winner on your hands – and AtmosMobs is certainly a winner that every Minecraft player should make a point to check out if they really want to expand their Minecraft horizons.

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