Ars Magica Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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If you've been looking to add bit more depth to your overall vanilla Minecraft experience, then look no further than the Ars Magica mod developed by the boys over at Atlas Games. When it comes to many mods concerning the world of Minecraft, you only get minor or slight changes and variations.

For example, a very popular mod now is the Moes mod that splits water ways via a wand like device. This is a simple terraforming feature but very fun and intuitive in its simplicity. With the Ars Magica mod however, you might as well be getting an entirely new game to go alongside Minecraft as a whole.

With this mod you will receive a multitude of spells to be cast, along with many other to be looted throughout the randomly generate worlds. And speaking of randomly generated worlds, this mod also adds moats, castles, and overall atmosphere and aesthetic changes to your standard Minecraft experience as well.

New Tools and Enemy Types

As previously mentioned, spells are the main appeal of this mod along with various new enemy types. These enemy types can range anywhere from adept mages to battle chickens (yes that’s right, battle chickens) and there are even a few hidden surprises in store for those who play for a long enough period of time.

It is also worth mentioning that this mod introduces a level up system, something entirely new to Minecraft and unique to this mod alone. With the new level up RPG aspects, various mods that can deal damage through magic, lightning, fire, etc., and a whole new range of enemy types, there is a good chance that you’ll be sitting down and playing with this one for a long time to come.


While you’ve heard most of the main features thus far for this innovative and long winded mod, there’s a few other aspects that are worth mentioning before you go and get your free download today. First off, the mod does not spoonfeed you as a player. The creator of the mod has stated many times that the mod is meant to be difficult and he intentionally designed it this way. Further more, if you continuously have trouble advancing through the world, the amount of XP that you gain while leveling up through the world, the difficulty, and the amount of magic that you lose upon death can be tweeked in the configuration settings.

This is an ambitious mod and not one for the faint of heart. It is to test the player while also allowing them to experiment with something new to the Minecraft world and armory without being too complex. So be sure to keep these things in mind and enjoy when playing the Ars Magica mod.

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