Ars Magica 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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The Ars Magica 2 Mod for Minecraft is one of the more expansive and radically game changing mods currently available for Minecraft. This mod will allow the player character to unlock the secrets of the arcane, become a wizard, delve dungeons and fight new and dangerous foes! This is arguably the hardest part of installing a new mod no matter what kind it is, especially if you dislike looking up how to get them started.

This mod’s start up is no different that the other ones, in that you must have a certain item recipe and find a particular area before the mod becomes playable.

To initiate the Magic Mod all you will need is a 2 by 2 spring, two blocks of quartz, a item frame and a book. The springs should relatively easy to find and when you do all that is required is to stack the two blocks atop each other next to the spring, insert the item frame into the top block and then use the book. You should then see a bunch of magical symbols floating up from the pool into the book – this unlocks your ability to use magic.

Different types of Spells

Once you have created your arcane compendium by placing your book atop the blocks you will be able to beging crafting different spells. Spells are created at a magic crafting table which requires quite a few different things. But if you are feeling overwhelmed, never fear, your trusty compendium has a walkthrough guide which shows you step by step how to go about the process. There are three main tiers of spells, offensive, defensive and utility. This falls in line pretty much the same as magic systems in most other MMO’s like Warcraft, Neverwinter and PerfectWorld. Spell types include, healing, projectile, shields, light creation, pyromancy and many many more, so if you are interested in becoming Minecraft’s next great mage, download the mod today!

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