ArmorStatusHUD Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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The armor status HUD mod for Minecraft is a simple addition to the player’s screen which allows the player to check on the status of their armor without having to look at the item in their inventory directly. This is how it works: Instead of breaking down the armors durability by percentages or red lines, the HUD shows the player exactly how many more hit points worth of damage each piece their armor can take before it breaks.

As the armor nears breaking point, the colors change to indicate the greater urgency for repair. The HUD is not limited to checking the status of armor, but will also give information on the tool or weapon that the player is currently holding.

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For Players of All Skill Levels This mod is useful for players who play on PVP servers, and is not generally considered an unfair advantage. It is also a recommended mod for new players who find keeping track of their vulnerability in deep mining exploration difficult. while this mod does not change the game dramatically, it will allow the player a more expedient and fun level of play by removing the hassle of checking the status of ones armor by presenting the information in an omnipresent fashion.

Total Customizability

This mod is highly customizable, allowing the players to place it wherever they find most pleasing on their screen. They also have the option of hiding parts of the information shown or changing the size of the text if they find the mod obscures too much of their screen. Players may also change the color scheme of the mod if they find that the default colors are either unpleasant or hard to see. A final important feature of this frequently updated mod is the ability to check for newer versions of the mod from its creators. This is optional and can be turned off if the players find the check to slow their game, or are happy with the current state of the mod

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