Armor Stand Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

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While there are plenty of mods that add new materials to make into armor, or just new armors that don't require material to create, your character only has one body and one slot for each type of armor. The Armor Stand Mod seeks to help those flashier players out, by allowing you to craft armor stands to display every suite of gear you make or find.The Armor Stand Mod for Minecraft only add a single recipe to the game, the titular armor stand item.

To make an armor stand, simply place 3 stone blocks along the bottom row of your crafting table window. Then place stack two sticks in the center column.

The default appearance of an armor stand is just a thin, flat square on the ground. You can not only place armor pieces on an armor stand, but can also give it a skin; this is somewhat advised, as it can be odd to just see floating armor. While your armor options are whatever’s in your inventory, skin options include a solid black character, zombie, replica of yourself, or a Minecraft character like Steve. You can also toggle a Stalker mode, causing the armor-clad stand to always keep its face and eyes directed toward your character’s position, making for the perfect extra touch to a haunted mansion or similar world locaton. Lastly, you can modify an armor stand’s material by placing the block of your choice in the armor stand menu.

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