Animal Crafting Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2

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The animal crafting texture pack lets players create realistic pets to increase their worth in the game. There is no need for users to settle for the regular looking animals of the past thanks to the added texture pack. They can add hair colors and even movement to the any animal's look.

This is a must have for people who like to own pets within the game. Of course, it is not a must have, but it is a nice bonus for those who like to make things as realistic as possible.

Create New Looks for Your Pets on Minecraft

The animal crafting texture pack for minecraft is easy to download and use. The pack is easily melded and able to correspond with other modifications. Just take a look at the things this pack can do if you want more information and visuals. You will be able to see how the animals actually look with their new textures and colors. The best thing this pack can do is also help players disguise their most valued animals. If an attack is eminent, then players can change how their beloved animals look to the attacker. This will allow them to play with caution knowing their home base is somewhat more protected thanks to the animal crafting texture pack from Minecraft.

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