Animal Bikes Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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In Minecraft without mods, you can ride a pig with a saddle. Unfortunately, saddles are hard to find. They are only underground in chests found in dungeons or abandoned mines. If you have ever looking longingly at a cow or a creeper while holding your saddle and sadly realized your dreams of riding one would never come true, you were wrong.

This mod lets you create 18 awesome mob animals in the game as a bike that you can ride. There are also a few that were never in the game at all, but were added by this mod to make walking and flying around your world more entertaining. With this mod, you can create saddles easily with leather, string and an iron bar too.

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Almost all in-world animals were turned into bikes. At a crafting table, you will need to put a saddle into the middle space then surround the saddle with the materials used to create the animal. For a Snow Golem Bike, you would put a saddle in the middle then surround the rest of the spaces with snowballs. For a Cow Bike, you would add meat. When summoning the Cow Bike, you have a 20% chance of summoning a Baby Cow Bike.

Each bike has a different ability. The spider bike lets you ride up walls; the cow can jump two blocks high; and the dragon bike flies. Every bike has a special, ranged weapon that can be shot out of the bike using the space bar. The Snow Golem shoots snowballs out of the front as you ride it. The dragon shoots fire, and it can set fire to things in the game like mobs of villagers, for example.

There are more than a half dozen bikes that were added to the game that were not previously in game already. The Pony Bike and the Reindeer Bike are just two that are waiting to be discovered. There is even a Notch Bike that you can ride. It will shoot cookies with its special ranged weapon, but be careful, when you are not on the bike and hit it, the Notch Bike will try to eat you.

Player fans of the Bike Mod have even created race tracks and obstacle courses that other players can visit. The courses can be complex or simple based on the player’s world that was created. It’s a fun way to race your bikes against other player opponents, shoot them with ranged weapons and use the bike’s abilities to win.

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