Airship Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

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One of the most innovative games over the past five years has been Minecraft. Its originality factor involves its many modalities, such as survival mode, for instance, where the ability to gather resources to survive is available. In addition the adventure mode enables players to employ maps created by other players, and most important, its creative mode stands out.

It helps players build cube constructions and also experience the joy of flying.

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All About The Creative Mode

For those who have faith they can fly, the creative mode is key. An appealing feature is the freedom it allows players on how to play the game. The airship mod for Minecraft enables an airship to be created with only a furnace, two or three string, a boat, and four or five wool. These items are gathered and placed onto a crafting table as a recipe.

Creativity Through The Airship

Just as an automobile requires gas to move about, the airship needs coal to function and fly. It may move slowly at first; not a reason for concern as it will gradually gather speed with more coal. The controls are straightforward to use; for instance, X is used to go down while Z is used to go up. In addition for movement on the X plane, W is used to fly forward, A to make a left turn, S for reverse, and finally, D is to make a right turn. Gathering arrows to shoot with is a big plus, and can be used by clicking on R.

Limitless Opportunities

By right clicking on the wool with dye, the airship color can be modified. A balloon can be crafted with a recipe of 8 leather parts. An engine can be crafted with a piston and 8 ingots of iron. Items other than coal can be used as fuel, consumed in this order:

. Buckets of lava. Wood. Planks

You can create airships that travel faster than trains or automobiles to cover great distances! Gather gunpowder to give your airship a speed boost which will really make it fly super fast. Hours of thrills await players with the exciting airship mod for Minecraft. How cool is that?

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