AdventureCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

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If you have tried other mods and you’re starting to get bored with Minecraft, don’t give up! Now there is Adventurecraft mod for Minecraft, which allows minecrafters to be able to use their creativeness to make adventure maps for their friends. Post the adventure maps you’ve made online, share them with your friends or download other adventure maps made by other minecraters like yourself.

But, in order for you to play some of the awesome custom made adventure maps you will have to download and install the Adventurecraft mod for Minecraft.

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Customize Your Minecraft with Adventurecraft

When it comes to customization of Minecreft, no other mod can offer what Adventurecraft mod can do. You have total control of how your maps are generated. You can choose your map size, the minimum depth of your world, the maximum height of your map and many other option that determine the layout of your Minecraft world. Not only can you determine your world’s features but you can edit your surroundings anytime you want, but that’s not all! Now you can customize specific mob spawn points, make traps and dungeons, and you can even create NPCs! There is truly no limit to what you can create using Adventurecraft mod for Minecraft.

If you’re in need of adventure, or you feel like creating an adventure map for others, then you will find Adventurecraft mod’s trigger event system a great way to add life to an otherwise dull Minecraft world. NPCs are a great way to add quests to your maps and they can give minecrafters things to do. Also, there are many map tools that can help you to create structures and towns, and there are tools that can change the blocks types of buildings. Have you made a brick house, want to change it into a wood house, an ice house or even a golden house? Now you can! With the building tools available in Adventurecraft mod you can create buildings, NPCs and generate worlds anyway you want.

Features Included in Adventurecraft Mod• Over 315 new blocks• 8 unique items• 4 new mobs• Huge trigger system• Never lose items upon death again• Prevent players from destroying/placing blocks while playing your maps

This is only a small list of the features included in this mod. If you’re looking for adventure, or you want to challenge your friends with a custom made minecraft map you’ve created, then Adventurecraft mod for Minecraft is exactly the mod for you!

Downloads for AdventureCraft Mod 1.4.5

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