Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2

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Additional Buildcraft Objects adds new objects to the already expansive Buildcraft mod. A variety of new blocks make an appearance in this mod, namely a host of very useful pipes! Minecraft in its basic form is more than worth pouring hours into. With the standard survival mode, you can spend days gathering supplies and creating a home for yourself.

When you finally have a home, a fort that can withstand creeper and zombie attacks, with a farm to keep you fed, you get a sense of satisfaction.

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When you play creative, you have an endless world with unlimited blocks. Fortresses, palaces, monuments, there’s nothing too big. With no limit to the blocks at your disposal, you can create cities and colonies, or a single temple that dwarfs mountains.

Eventually though, the basics bore you. After creating your home (or elaborate fortress with automated doorways), things can get a bit stagnant. You have a wheat farm and a ranch, and have no need of food. You’re well defended from zombies and creepers, so you are quite safe, eventually, you need something new.

Buildcraft adds a host of new blocks and resources for your Minecraft experience. Oil and engines appear, and the world becomes much more technologically advanced .With the Additional Buildcraft Objects mod, even more materials are available for you. With your new pipes and fuel, your medieval mountain home can become the centerpiece of an industrial empire.

An Army of Useful Objects Is Now At Your Disposal

The Buildcraft Mod already added a large number of new blocks and actions, but Additional Buildcraft Objects decides to add on to that pile. Namely a large number of new and extremely useful pipes make an appearance in the mod. Pipes like a Golden Iron Waterproof Pipe and a Balance Pipe appear, with the ability to pump liquids like an iron pipe but at a golden pipe speed, or to balance liquid of connected tanks (respectively).

Of course that is not all that Additional Buildcraft Objects adds, power switch pipes, compactor pipes, diamond liquid pipes, and many more are all available for your use. Even better, more objects are constantly being added. In no time, you can convert your small, cozy mine into an industrial powerhouse. With Additional Buildcraft Objects, you can go from playing survival mode, to playing conquer mode.

Downloads for Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod 1.6.4, 1.5.2

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