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3D Items Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

Download Page for 3D Items Mod

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How to download & install:

  1. Download and then install the Minecraft Forge Universal and SettingsAPI
  2. Download the 3d Items Mod
  3. Go to Minecraft.bin folder and then open the Minecraft.jar using an archiving program such as WinRAR
  4. Using the same program, open the 3D Items zip
  5. Drag all files from the 3D Items zip into the Minecraft.jar
  6. Ensure that META- INF folder in the Minecraft.jar is deleted
  7. Done

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Download Page for 3D Items Mod
  • donbuscus

    they already do that in minecraft

  • Wolfbuscus

    Yes but people with not that good computers would like to see their items do thsi too!

  • Killer106

    hey guys does this work on 1.6.2