3D Gun Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.2

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The 3d gun mod for minecraft is a mod that adds a number of firearms to the game. The mod adds the crafting patterns for both the parts of the guns, and the guns as a whole. What this mod is: The mod contains the following guns to the game: M16, P90, M14 DMR, M60, AK47, AK47 Gold, RPG and the grenade.

The grenade is made out of materials from the stock version of the game, while the guns themselves are composed of both normal materials, and special parts that must be constructed and then used as a component of the gun itself. The guns also have a limited amount of ammunition, more of which must be constructed

How does the mod appear in game:The gun sprites all appear as 3D tools in the same manner as all other tools in the game, in the same block style with textures. Sound effects are present for the guns firing as well. Controls are set by default for firing, aiming, and reloading your ammunition.

What I like:My favorite thing about this this mod is that it adds a number of great weapons to the game, beyond the basic ones that are normally present. While the features are present only in single-player Minecraft, the 3d gun mod makes the game much more fun. It is wonderfully satisfying to use the guns, and they make adventuring in the nether and caverns much more fun, as fighting off hoards of enemies is more exciting than rushing in with a sword and spamming attacks like crazy. Anyone who has played Minecraft knows that moment, and it can get boring and repetitive to just use the sword and bow constantly. Changing between weapons for distance combat makes it easier and more fun to kill anything from sheep to Ghasts in the nether. The grenades also make for a nice touch, giving you more control over explosions than you can possibly get from TNT, as well as making it safer for yourself to use. Across all of the weapons, exploring the nether and other dangerous areas is made much easier and safer than in the basic version of the game, as the weapons function much more efficiently than the boring stock weapons. The grenades and RPG make it easier to explore through caves, as you can merely blow away anything that stands in your way, short of bedrock. This method has a clear advantage over mining, which we all know gets pretty boring pretty fast.

Overall:Overall, this mod is a lot of fun. The extra items that it adds into the game are definitely worth using, as they give you far more options for combat than the basic game contains. Using this mod is easy, and it would be a fine addition to any other mods that a person has, especially if those other mods are combat-oriented. This mod alone is enough to keep you entertained, and gives you much needed options when it comes to fighting, with features that are easy enough for anyone to use.

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