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Minecraft mods modify the game with various different texture packs as well as re-coded programming to present new types of Minecraft expansions and also many other features the player may take advantage of. Besides expanding gameplay options, Minecraft give the players a whole other story aspect as well and sometimes even incorporates other popular game franchises into the Minecraft game.

People may also learn how to mod Minecraft and create their own mods. Once they do, they might want to take advantage of using multiple Mineraft mods at once. The problem with this is that it can cause other mods to function incorrectly or to cease working properly altogether. A work around this problem is to take advantage of the API Forge mod. The API Forge mod allows players to run many different Minecraft mods at once with the option of choosing between them at will.

Also, another additional mod is the OptiFine Minecraft mod. This mod enhances the FPS, or Frames Per Second of the game as well as improves the graphics, game physics and also increases the performance of the game. By improving the game physics, more feats are possible like diminishing fog, brightness control, adds mipmaps and also lets players view objects or different landmarks that are further off in the distance. Lastly, players may also tweak the day and night settings, make water clear, better grass and snow textures and many other enhancements.

The Single Player Commands mod lets players use different bukkit plugin commands and also allows the use of worldedit. By doing so, the player is able to take advantage of the mod with all the corresponding commands on the Minecraft server. The player can use commands to teleport, spawn, unlock achievements, disable creeper explosions and many other tasks as well. There are also global commands that may be taken advantage of such as ascend, descend, bind, enchant, damage, hunger, give/i/item, heal, hardcore, unbinded, weather and many others.

ModLoader may sound like it's a mod; however, ModLoader does nothing other than simply load the Minecraft mods into the game. While some mods don't require the ModLoader to work, others do. The TooManyItems mod, or TMI mod optimizes gameplay by adding beneficial features to the game. This mod allows players to change different variables of the game without the need to input multiple different commands. The player may scroll through their inventory items and choose them without the need to change the Minecraft gamemode. This mod allows the player to change such game variables as a preset time option, ability to change difficulty modes, a delete button, an option to fill health and food and also the option of toggling weather effects, the favorites section and the enchant section.

It is also most important for people to regularly update their Minecraft mods so that the gameplay may continue without bugs or other hiccups. Minecraft updates include important software patches, fixes and sometimes even re-coded software that may have fixed serious issues. When Minecraft updates are released, members within the Minecraft forums will post news about the software fixes or patches that may be downloaded and installed for the individual's version of Minecraft they're playing. Forum members typically also help one another with tutorials on applying Minecraft updates or other patches and how to configure them properly as well.

For all the modders and mappers a big thank you! windrose